Ways to Improve a Credit Score

Think Credit Reports is a credit data provider operating for more than 5 years in Valencia, California. The company, which can provide data from the three major credit bureaus, offers a range of services, including free quarterly updates for premium account holders. While it is important to obtain data from providers like Think Credit Reports, it is also important to take action to maintain a score when it falls to a low number. The following are some ways to improve a low credit score.

Pay attention to credit card spending, and keep balances low. Using a range within about 10% or lower for the limit for the card is suggested. Furthermore, even if a person pays off a card each month, the lower the spending amounts, the better the rating.

-Do not stretch usage across several different cards. When a person owes varying small amounts on a number of cards, it can reflect poorly in a credit report. It is best to use only a couple different cards for most spending purposes.

-Do not try to revoke good debt from the past. Good debt refers to outstanding balances that have been paid and taken care of, meaning that old debts can actually contribute to a better score. It is inadvisable to strike a debt from the record just because it has already been paid off.

-Do not avoid paying off simple bills and debts in favor of saving money for a large purchase, like a home. Rather than sitting on a large sum of money, it is better to spend time paying off debts and regularly making payments on time for an extended period so that any prospective deals on a large purchase are not negated due to bad credit.

These are just several of many methods of improving credit scores. Visit www.thinkcreditreports.com for more information.


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