About Think Credit Reports

1b6b2ea824e657dc1fff7ace2a1d74d8_biggerThrough Think Credit Reports, users can check and monitor their credit scores from all three credit bureaus. By reporting scores from Experian and Equifax as well as TransUnion, the company enables customers to see a comprehensive picture of their standing in the credit industry. Think Credit Reports provides these scores in a user-friendly, readable format that shows customers a summary of their debt accounts as well as a detailed breakdown of account details, balances, and payment history.

Think Credit Reports offers a variety of plans, so that customers can choose the most appropriate service for their needs. These plans include a 3-Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring service, which tracks the customer’s activity with all three bureaus and notifies the individual in case of a change. This allows the customer to respond in a timely manner to any potential fraud. The company also provides a 3-Bureau Credit Score and 3-Bureau Credit Report, which the customer receives each quarter as an included service with paid membership. Potential customers can also currently enroll in the company’s daily monitoring trial program.


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