Who Can View a Credit Report?

Think Credit Reports allows consumers to check their credit scores and reports from all three active credit bureaus. Think Credit Reports also offers monthly updates to reports and scores, as well as alerts to any activity, so that customers can know what credit report checkers are seeing.

An individual’s credit report is legally available to anyone with a “legitimate business need” to see the data it contains. For example, credit card companies may need to check a person’s credit history when deciding whether to approve a card application. Similarly, landlords may check a credit report to determine a person’s record of late or delinquent payments, in advance of granting a lease.

Government agencies have the right to check the credit report of anyone applying for official benefits. In addition, any government organization may use a credit report to check basic information such as name, address, and employer. Finally, a potential employer may check an applicant’s credit report, but must receive consent. These checks may not include the applicant’s numerical credit score.