The Importance of Regularly Checking Credit Reports

A premium provider of personal credit information, Think Credit Reports provides members with daily credit monitoring and regular credit reports from the three credit bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Recognizing the growing threat of identity theft, Think Credit Reports’ 24/7 credit monitoring keeps members aware of any changes or problems that may show up.

Regularly checking credit reports is important for several reasons. According to CBS News reports, around 80 percent of reports have errors, including everything from misspellings to incorrect Social Security numbers. Errors also occur when creditors report incorrect information. By regularly checking their credit reports, individuals can correct a problem before it causes major damage to their scores. Mistakes can be disputed with both the creditor and credit bureau by simply sending a letter explaining the details.

Checking credit reports also allows individuals to spot any incorrect debts. Unrecognized debts are typically a sign of identity theft, but may also be a sign of debt error. When identities are stolen, the victims are often unaware of the problem until the damage has been done. By regularly checking credit reports, signs of identity theft are found early on, allowing the necessary action to be taken. Solving these problems early on makes preventing future fraud easier.